Path to Clinic


We ask the right questions at the start.

B4D consultants review all available data on your product and assess the competitive landscape and clinical/regulatory environment to help you better understand the commercial potential of your product and the challenges that lie ahead.

Mechanism of Action/Target

What is the mechanism of action?

Is the target unique?

Has it been clinically validated?

What lead indication will provide clinical proof-of-concept in the most timely matter?

Medical Need vs. Product Profile

Is there a significant unmet medical need in the indication chosen?

What are the advantages of your product vs currently available therapies?

How crowded is the indication’s market? Is there potential for premium pricing?

How relevant and well accepted are the preclinical models chosen for the target indication?

Clinical & Regulatory Factors

Are there any regulatory precedents?

What are the clinical/regulatory hurdles?

Are there any significant chemistry and manufacturing or analytical (CMC) hurdles?


What next?

The B4D team will work with you to create a Strategic Development Plan that will lead your company to success.

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