Company Document Management

B4D can set up a virtual data room for your company, providing the ability to keep your information confidential but readily available to potential licensing partners and investors, as well as the appropriate company team members and consultants.

Supplier Selection & Management

One of the challenges a start-up biotech company faces is to select the right contract research or manufacturing organizations (CROs/CMOs) for their specific project. There are so many to choose from and cost is not the only factor to consider. B4D has worked with many CROs/CMOs and can help you identify the most appropriate supplier for your project, obtain competitive bids, negotiate contracts and oversee work conducted at the company to ensure the project stays on track and on budget.

Board Management & Financing Controls

We have experience both as Board members and as management reporting to Boards and know what type of information they need to carry out their oversight function. We can prepare presentations for quarterly meetings along with written progress reports and develop Excel-based financial plans and budgets.

Management Support Areas

We provide management support for preclinical to clinical, chemistry and manufacturing, analytical, clinical, business development and licensing teams, whether in-house or external.

Company Infrastructure & Meetings

Our team will put in place company-specific administrative systems and SOPs that are needed to run a company efficiently. This includes establishing regular project and Senior management team meetings and reporting procedures to track both project progress and spending against approved budgets.